LED Exposure Unit

Being a small Screen Printing Startup is not always easy. Our first DIY exposure was a glass table with an halogen light under it. It was working but was never ideal. We had issues with the exposure area being smaller than our screen, it was always in the middle of the shop and needed to be put away after every use, the halogen would heat up the glass after a while and create problems if we did more than two screens in a row. Also the halogen light required a 12 minutes exposure time, making it quite time consuming when we did more than a screen or two at a time.

We finally saw some good references on The Print Life Facebook page with links to where to purchase the LED light and Timer as well as some good build projects. Thanks to Blake Ward for his advice on the project.

Here are the references we used with links and downloadable files in multiple formats. Feel free to use all the references at your convenience. We included the links to the Sketchup file, feel free to modify the plans to fit your needs.

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Here is the list of material we used in this project.

  • 4′ x 8′ – 3/4″ Thick plywood. You can use thinner plywood but you will have to use 2″ x 4″, or 2″ x 3″ for framing. Using 3/4″ plywood and a pocket hole jig you can assemble the unit without framing and it will be very sturdy.
  • 5mm Thick Untreated glass (25 x 36)
  • QUANS 50W UV LED Light
  • Programmable Digital Cycle Delay Relay Timer
  • Standard, 4 electrical switches, Electrical Outlet, Bulb Socket

We will update these plans as we find better ways to improve them. One of the next update will be a vacuum lid. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us. We hope this will help.