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Custom Designs Saving You Money

We have done a project with Sooke Soccer Club that we think could apply to you as well.

The Problem: Some of the kid's jerseys were stained and torn out. The club wanted to replace around 60 of the actual 400 jerseys they had. Their jerseys were bough a few years ago at a discount price for an end of the line model. A model that is no longer available for purchase. Cost of replacing 400 jerseys, around $10 000. Also, the club did not want to change the team's colour pattern.

The Privateer Factory solution: We replicated their current design and applied it to our own jersey model. Because we have a minimum quantity order of 12 units, they were able to order the 60 units they actually needed. We were also able to match the discount price they got on the initial order. We were able to fix the problem for less than $1 600.

What about the added value: Of course the club walk away with some added bonuses. The original jersey had the numbers and the team logo heat press onto the jersey. Over time, the numbers are cracking and some discoloration is starting to show. Now, the numbers and the team logo are printed in the fabric, no more discoloration and they will always look professional. The club can re-order at any time and keep their current design for years to come. They can turn over their jerseys over the years without breaking the bank. Minimum order quantity is still only 12 units.

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